MUSH Vaisto Cat

Finnish MUSH produces top quality natural food for your cat. The feed is made from raw and fresh ingredients without any hocus pocus. All the raw materials used in the production of feed from MUSH are 100% natural and come from Finnish family farms, which helps to ensure the highest quality and strict control of the meat.

With a MUSH feed, your cat gets exactly what it needs, namely energy-dense meals rich in protein and fat, which it was originally made to eat in the form of small prey in nature. The food is a complete food so that your cat can have all its nutritional needs covered by these fantastic products, which at the same time both taste and smell heavenly for your cat as they are so natural.

The feed is made from raw meat, which contains important amino acids, vitamins and minerals, bones as the primary source of calcium and minerals, and intestines that are rich in vitamin A, copper and folic acid. By making food in this way, you achieve a close resemblance to the prey that the cat itself would catch and eat in the wild. The cat does not need additives, preservatives or artificial color and fragrance, which is also the reason why products from MUSH are as pure and simple as it can possibly be, here is what the animal needs and no additives of any kind at all.

The products are therefore based on meat, entrails and bones, which almost cover the cat's entire nutritional needs. In addition, the products also contain seaweed and sunflower oil, which, among other things, contain iodine and vitamin E, which are also important for the cat.

Meat from other countries such as China is not accepted due to the low quality, despite the cheap price. You can therefore be guaranteed the highest quality with MUSH feed made from fresh ingredients that are 100% natural. When the cat food is produced, it goes quickly so that both quality, freshness, taste and smell last. The animals used for the feed are slaughtered on the same day as the meat is coarsely and finely ground, oil and seaweed are added and the product is shock frozen, after which the finished product is packed. In this way, you ensure top quality and freshness, as the entire process takes such a short time and is carried out with state-of-the-art machinery and high food control. 

The three different variants

  • MUSH Vaisto Cat White, which is made from beef and pork, is a complete food for adult cats. Please note that this feed does not contain chicken. The bone content in Vaisto Cat White is slightly lower than the other Vaisto Cat variants. 
  • MUSH Vaisto Cat Yellow is made from chicken and beef and is a complete food for adult cats that contains larger amounts of certain nutrients such as vitamin D, copper and iodine. This feed is also made to suit kittens, who can also easily be fed raw food from the start.
  • MUSH Vaisto CAT Pink is made from chicken and pig and is a complete food for adult cats. This variant has more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin B than the other variants, and is therefore extra good for cats with skin or fur problems, for example during shedding periods when the fur can become dull.

All three variants contain natural taurine from the heart and lungs of the animals the variants are respectively based on. 

How much should your cat eat?

Your cat should eat between 2-5% of its body weight per day. day, depending on age and activity level. If your cat is very active, pregnant or in the kitten stage, it must of course have more food than a cat that is not very active.

The meatballs weigh approx. 25 g each and thereby makes it easy to measure out the food. Divide the food into 2–3 meals for an adult cat, and store uneaten food in the refrigerator and use this for the next meal. Kittens and pregnant/lactating cats should eat more often, 4–6 times per day. day.

Thaw the balls before use, which is very simple; the best way is to thaw the feed in a closed container in the fridge, so that the feed given in the morning is put in the fridge the night before. If, on the other hand, it is fed in the afternoon and evening, the food can be put in the refrigerator to thaw from the morning. Always store the products separately from other food in a freezer that is below -18 degrees cold.

Please note that the products cannot be bought online as they are frozen goods. Come into one of our PetLux stores and let us help you find the right complete food for your cat. 


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