MUSH Barf food for dogs and cats

Your dog will receive high-quality natural Finnish dog food from MUSH Barf. The dog, like the wolf, is a carnivore; in fact, the dog and the wolf share 98% of the same DNA, so it stands to reason that your dog eats the way it was designed to. It used to eat meat, bones, organs, fruit, and vegetables because there was no such thing as "normal" dog food back then.

As dogs became more domesticated, humans fed them more grain and other fillers, which evolved into what we now call dry dog food. MUSH wants to eliminate dry food and instead produce natural Barf dog food of the highest quality in Finland, made from whole animals, high-quality vegetables and fruit, which is more suitable for carnivorous dogs and cats.


What ingredients are in MUSH?

MUSH has been producing raw, frozen natural dog food from real ingredients in the Finnish town of Jakobstad since the 1980s. WholePrey is the guiding principle, which means that the entire animal is used and only vegetables and fruit are added. The meat is derived from pigs, lambs, chickens, and turkeys raised by local farmers in Finland. Similarly, the vegetables and fruits are grown locally. The reindeer used is from Lapland, and the salmon is of the highest quality from Norway. Because of its low quality, meat from other countries, such as China, is not accepted. MUSH barf dog food is therefore guaranteed to be of the highest quality, as it is made from fresh, natural ingredients. The products contain no fillers, additives, preservatives, or artificial color or fragrance.

The production of MUSH complete feed

Fresh ingredients are used immediately during the manufacturing process to ensure top quality, freshness, taste, and smell. The animals used are slaughtered on the same day that the finished product is packed, ensuring top quality and freshness.

The temperature of the raw materials is checked as they arrive at the Finnish factory to make sure they have been properly chilled. Then, they are weighed in accordance with the various recipes. Each batch is recorded, and the document is saved in the self-control system after the person in charge of the weighing acknowledges the recipe. Moving the weighing meat to pulp production entails first coarsely grinding the raw ingredients in a sizable mill, then adding the vegetables, fruit, and oil. The pre-mixed mass is put into a portioning device, which makes 25 g meatballs out of the bulk.

The frozen meatballs are transferred from the freezing tunnel to an automatic scale that weighs packages of 800 g or 3 kg. When the packages have been completed, they are transferred to an automated packaging machine. The products are automatically packed in bags with a locking mechanism that allows for easy opening and closing. Pre-packaged products are moved to a cold store at --28.22 degrees Celsius, where they will be picked up and transported to MUSH dealers.

Which variant should you choose for your dog?

There are many different varieties to choose from if you want to start "barfing" or combi-feeding your dog, which means mixing some meatballs with its regular dry food. 

  • Vaisto Green (pig-chicken-beef) that is perfect for the start-up phase and dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Vaisto Red (pork-beef-salmon) that has a higher content of omega fatty acids. 
  • Vaisto Wild (lamb-reindeer) is a very clean product as it is made from animals that do not eat processed food and is therefore a good alternative for dogs who have previously reacted negatively to many other food. 
  • Vaisto Puppy Ice blue (ox-salmon reindeer) which has been developed for the active puppy.

For the cat there are:  

  • Vaisto CAT Yellow (chicken-beef) contains high amounts of certain nutrients such as vitamin D, copper and iodine, and is therefore ideal for adult cats and kittens. 
  • Vaisto CAT Pink (pork-chicken) contains more omega-3 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids play a role in the body's formation of hair, skin and nails and energy metabolism. 
  • Vaisto CAT White (pork-ox) contains taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. 

MUSH Barf Basic

The Basic series is a supplementary food that you can use in combination with other dog food. It is therefore not the same as Vaisto complete feed, but is used as a supplement that is ideal for combined feeding. The products are also made as balls that must be thawed in the same way as Vaisto complete food. Here you will find ingredients like boneless chicken, vegetables and beef tripe.

The vegetable balls are ideal for an overweight dog, dogs who need more fiber or vitamins for one reason or another, or for extended meal times without increasing the calorie content excessively. In the hot summer months, the frozen vegetables can also be used as a refreshment to help cool the dog down.   

The MUSH Vaisto and Barf Basic products are high in liquid content and thus ideal for older dogs. If your dog has problems with loose stools, varieties containing pork can help.

You can easily mix and match different types so that your dog or cat does not have to eat the same thing every day.

How much Vaisto complete food should your dog or cat eat?

It is recommended that a normally active adult dog consume 2% of his or her body weight each day. This means that if the dog weighs 10 kg, it needs 200 g of Vaisto complete feed, which is equivalent to 8 meatballs. 

Vaisto Blue, Vaisto Red, and Vaisto Black are also available in bulk in 10 kg boxes with 41 pieces weighing 245 grams each.

For cats, it is calculated that it must consume 2.5% of its body weight, so if it weighs 4 kg, it must consume 4 balls daily, for a total of 100 grams. 

Before using the balls, they must be thawed. Thawing the feed in a closed container in the refrigerator is the best method. If the dog or cat is fed breakfast, the leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for the evening meal. If it is fed in the evening, the food can be stored in the refrigerator to thaw for the morning meal. Always keep the products separate from other foods in a freezer that is less than -18 degrees Celsius.  

The products must not be thawed in the microwave.

Why choose MUSH products?

MUSH products include complete and supplementary food for dogs and cats made from whole animals, fish, vegetables, and fruit. All of the ingredients are 100% natural and fresh. On the same day, the animals are slaughtered and the ingredients are packed. The meat used in the manufacturing process comes from free-range farm animals. Dogs and cats eat what they think smells good, and because MUSH products are made with natural, healthy, and fresh ingredients, the smell is absolutely fantastic for your pet. We guarantee that one or more variants will be suitable for your pet.

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