Classic Fleischeslust sausage - Fresh salmon-carrot-coconut-spirulina (800g)


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Classic sausages from Fleischeslust are a premium complete food for dogs, and it is not necessary to add anything else.

Classic fresh salmon with carrot, coconut and spirulina:

  • Rich in natural B and E vitamins
  • Without sugar
  • Without artificial additives

The sausages are made in a factory in Germany, with an emphasis on consistently producing high-quality products.

All of the raw materials used in production are from the food industry, so they are of the same high quality that is used for humans. They also try to use as many local raw materials as possible in their production. Local ingredients are frequently used fresh. Some raw materials that must be transported long distances are frozen.

'What you see is what you get,' which means that many ingredients are visible in the sausages. A whole carrot, for example, may be visible.

The sausages are easily cut into slices, making it simple to serve the appropriate amount to the dog.

General for all Classic sausages:

  • 100% natural raw materials
  • 100% good taste
  • Without added sugar
  • Without chemical binders
  • Without flavor enhancer, coloring agents and additives
  • BPA free casings
  • After opening, can keep for 3-4 days in airtight packaging in the fridge
  • Can be frozen

Composition: 80% salmon, beef and offal (31% salmon, 29% beef, 15% beef heart, 5% beef liver), 12.5% carrot, 2.5% pumpkin, grated coconut, ground pumpkin seeds, sea salt, eggshell powder, spirulina

Crude protein 12.3%
Crude fat 9.6%
Crude ash 2.6%
Crude fiber 0.6%
Water 70%
Carbohydrates 4.9%

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