Dental Donut by Rawhide from FarmFood - 2 pcs.


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Dental Donut by Rawhide - without the use of chlorine - from FarmFood

Available in two sizes

  • S - Ø 6-8cm
  • M - Ø 10-12cm


Oxhide chewing hide produced in Europe

Without the use of any kind of chemicals.

Only made from under skin, which is the strongest skin on the bull.

Rawhide from Farm Food 

Rawhide is dried subcutaneous tissue (the second, strong layer) of the cattle's skin. Imported from Brazil (according to HACCP guidelines), Farm Foods white chewing bones are made from the hides of free-range cattle raised for local meat production.

As the production company is part of a large slaughterhouse, the hides are mechanically divided immediately after slaughter. During the process of leather production, the outer indigestible layer is removed. The inner layer, which consists of digestible subcutaneous connective tissue, is washed and cut into pieces of the desired size. After they are manually folded into many different shapes, the white chewing bones are oven-dried for several days. Due to the rapid processing, it is avoided that harmful substances are used during the entire production process. Farm Food can therefore guarantee a pure, unmixed and safe product.

  • Fully digestible (during chewing, collagen is released which dissolves plaque)
  • Manufactured in an absolutely clean and safe manner
  • Contains no chemicals, dyes or the like.

Farm Food Rawhide is a natural product and may therefore have slight deviations in color and shape.

Contents: 100% pure, dried subcutaneous tissue of untanned leather without additives.

Analysis: moisture 6.4%, protein 92.8%, fat 0.2%, ash 0.2%, crude fiber 0.4%

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