Pure pressed dog foodIn 1982, leveraging his comprehensive expertise in animal nutrition within the Netherlands and beyond, Gerrit de Weerd embarked on the creation of a dog food designed ... Read more

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Pure pressed dog food

In 1982, leveraging his comprehensive expertise in animal nutrition within the Netherlands and beyond, Gerrit de Weerd embarked on the creation of a dog food designed as a neutral test subject in assessing the quality of diverse dog food brands prevalent at the time. This endeavor led to the formulation of a pressed pellet, ingeniously crafted from human-consumable Dutch beef, completely devoid of additives like colorants, aromas, and antioxidants.

The guiding principle was to engineer a canine diet suitable for all ages and conditions. The foundation rested on a fundamental observation – in the wild, every member of the canine family, from pups to seniors, instinctively consumes the same nourishment according to the available prey, reflecting a nature-driven equilibrium.

Farm Food High Energy

Upon the test's completion in 1984, following a rigorous two-year period, a significant number of breeders expressed a desire to continue utilizing the exceptional 'all life stage' neutral food, given its impressive outcomes. Consequently, the decision was taken to introduce this neutral test food to the market on a limited scale, christening it Farm Food HE. Since 1984, organic growth fueled by word-of-mouth endorsements has been steadfast.

The food's formulation has essentially remained constant, consistently evoking positive responses up to the present day. A remarkable and frequent observation is the rejuvenating impact Farm Food HE has on older dogs, often sparking a newfound vitality that propels them well beyond their tenth year. While Farm Food HE has naturally evolved over time, both from our perspective and through scientific advancements, our unwavering commitment to the original philosophy of "one type of food for all dogs of all ages and circumstances" remains at its core.

Farm Food Rawhide

As time passed, there was an increasing demand for chewing items for dogs that aligned with Farm Food's guiding principles – a standard synonymous with quality. These sought-after items were meant to complement Farm Food dog food, sans the potential health risks. A fitting solution was discovered in Turkey, where the connective tissue from beneath the skin of free-range beef cattle was transformed into chewable articles. Enter Farm Food Rawhide – a pristine creation, rigorously devoid of additives and heavy metals.

Foremost, this chewing product serves as a dental ally, akin to a toothbrush. The act of chewing triggers the release of collagen, a key contributor to reducing and potentially preventing plaque buildup.

Focus on pet food market

Until 2001 Gerrit de Weerd remained partially active as an animal nutrition adviser both home and abroad. In 2001 he decided that from then on he would concentrate fully on the market for pet food, and to work full time as a director of Farm Food B.V.

Farm Food Trainers

The Farm Food team dedicated extensive efforts to uncover a wholesome and pure treat that would also promote optimal health. This quest led to the creation of Trainers – bite-sized chunks of dried, pure beef heart. This offering has garnered remarkable acclaim from both users and their canine companions, standing as a well-received choice for rewarding moments.

Farm Food Antlers

This year marks the introduction of a fresh addition to our assortment – a brand-new chewing product. Antlers, derived from shed deer antlers, align seamlessly with Farm Food's underlying philosophy, tracing back to the origins of our canine companions – the wild ancestors of our dogs. In the wild, canids and related species instinctively employ deer antlers to satiate their natural chewing tendencies.

Beyond its inherent compatibility with nature, antlers offer exceptional animal-friendliness, augmented by their robust composition that ensures extended chewing gratification. These antlers are thoughtfully sectioned into a range of sizes, catering to diverse preferences and sizes of dogs.