Quality food for your best friendEssential Foods is something very special. At the onset, it should be noted that all the food we sell for your best four-legged friend is high-quality foo ... Read more

Quality food for your best friend

Essential Foods is something very special. At the onset, it should be noted that all the food we sell for your best four-legged friend is high-quality food from the best brands in the market. At PetLux, we never compromise on quality – so you can choose the best for your dog.

We are a retailer of Essential Foods. Since all our products are carefully selected, we guarantee the quality of all bags of dog food in our store. You will be making the right choice on behalf of your dog when you buy food from the PetLux collection. Essential Foods brand has unique qualities that we can attest to.

Your dog will be healthier with the right food

At Petlux, we are aware of the quality of the dog food we offer our customers. Dog food and dog treats from Essential Foods are something very special. The products from the brand constitute "Meals for dogs" — not just dog food. At Essential Foods, your dog's well-being is the focus. Over time, Essential Foods has gained completely unique knowledge and experience in relation to what the dog's food should contain, so that the doggets the most out of life. The mission is to make a difference and contribute to the dog having a healthier and better life through healthy eating habits.

The right ingredients strengthen the dog's health

At Petlux, you can buy meals from Essential Foods that are full of nutrients to keep the levels of blood sugar stable and only contain ingredients that benefit and strengthen your best friend's health. Nutrition is absolutely critical to the dog's general well-being.

At the same time, it is a natural, positive consequence of the right diet that your dog has the opportunity to live longer - if he does not suffer from a pre-existing illness or other unforeseen circumstances. The diet is therefore something that you as a dog owner needs to prioritize. Of course, proper nutrition never stands alone. Health is a holistic dimension. If you want to prioritize your dog's health and well-being on all levels, you must also think about training, play and safety - you know your dog best. To meet your dog's need for exercise, you need a good dog leash and on the well-being front, something like really good dog shampoo and dog brush can do wonders.

Good dog food reflects the dog's natural eating habits

In order to meet Essential Foods' own commitment that the dog should get the best out of the meal, Essential Foods has developed its own principle; The BOF principle. BOF stands for 'Behavioural Optimizing Foods' and in short it means that the dog's natural eating habits and diet are reproduced. It helps keep the dog's blood sugar stable and is thus an extremely good choice for some of the best dog food on the market.

The right energy intake from the right food sources

The energy intake from the various macronutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates is carefully coordinated in the food mixtures, so that your dog gets the optimal diet.

Essential Foods has spent all the time it takes to learn more about the field, to test and generally carefully research how your dog eats best. In the form of the products you find on the market, the brand presents you with the result of their efforts: their view of what your dog should eat to get the most optimal conditions in life. There is so much effort behind everything the brand does.

With Essential Foods, your dog's diet is under control

When you consider the amount of preparation that goes into Essential Foods products, you know that no ingredient or nutrient has accidentally ended up in the final product. And there is a tremendous sense of security in knowing that. Therefore, as a dog owner, sit back with peace of mind and trust that the brand's products meet the needs of your four-legged friend. Thus, Essential Foods has saved you a lot of work. 

Essential Foods saves you the time you would otherwise spend getting to know your dog's food needs

When you get a dog, you naturally want to read a lot about his needs and get all the knowledge you can about how to help him have the best possible way in life. And there's no limit to how much information is available to delve into in the field when you're first getting started. It can turn out to be quite an extensive project if you want to know all the theory and research about your dog's needs - and in the end, all the time you spend reading up on this knowledge eats into quality time you can spend with your dog. 

It is fantastic that there has been so much development in dog food products and a willingness among dog owners to prioritize choosing the best possible for their pets. This has paved the way for the existence of products like Essential Foods. As a pet enthusiast, it is simply a great joy to experience brands that do not compromise but prioritize the best for your dog.