All dogs are different, and therefore you must buy dog food that suits your dog exactly. As a dog owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your dog gets the food that suits its bod ... Read more

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Different activity levels

All dogs are different, and therefore you must buy dog food that suits your dog exactly. As a dog owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your dog gets the food that suits its body and condition. For example, an overweight dog needs a different type of food than an underweight dog. Fortunately, has a large selection of dog food of many different types, so you can buy the food that suits your dog.

Which dog food should I choose?

As a dog owner, it is natural that you ask yourself the question: "Which food should I choose for my dog?" You want to choose the right food for your dog, but it can be difficult to choose from the many different types of dog food available on the market. We have considered this in our categorization of dog food at so that it can be easier for you to find what your dog needs.

Among other things, has categorized dog food according to the dog's body type. For example, if you have an overweight dog, you will be able to find food that is specially adapted to this body condition. If you have a very active dog – it could be a hunting dog or an agility dog – then you can also find food for active dogs. In this way, we make shopping for dog food easy at 

Why is it important to buy specialized dog food?

Some dog owners buy general dog food from the local supermarket, which is not formulated for any specific dog type. However, it can certainly be a good idea to buy specialized dog food for your dog, to ensure that your dog gets all the nutrients that he needs.

If your dog is very active, he should eat the correct amount of protein and nutrients so that his muscles can rebuild after all the physical activity. Furthermore, a very active dog also needs more fat in his diet than inactive dogs, as active dogs burn more energy. For very active dogs, a high amount of carbohydrates will not be a problem either, as their metabolism is higher, and carbohydrates are important for maintaining a high energy level.

An inactive and possibly overweight dog needs a different type of food too. Here, the focus must be on meals with fewer calories and carbohydrates, to avoid gaining even more weight. Consequences of being overweight in dogs can – just like in humans – result in lifestyle diseases.

Food supplements for your dog

Just as we humans may need supplements in the form of vitamins and oils, dogs also benefit from this. The most important thing is of course that your dog eats a varied diet, but you can supplement the dog's diet. has a wide range of dietary supplements for dogs, which you can choose based on your dog's needs.

We have several different types of salmon oils, which are popular with many dog owners. The good thing about this type of supplement is that many dogs find it delicious, and goes down easier. In addition, salmon oil also has the advantage that it contains omega-3, which, among other things, is known to give a nice and shiny coat. Other types of dietary supplements we sell contain nutritionally specific vitamins and minerals. sells the best dog food

As with our other dog products, focuses on selling high-quality dog food. We have carefully selected brands such as Acana, Mush and Purbello, which are all known for their high-quality healthy ingredients. We believe that it is important that dogs - just like people - get food of the best quality and with the right nutrients. sells a wide range of dog food, which varies in the type of meat and the number of vegetables in the food. If you want a specific type of meat such as chicken, beef or pig, you can find it here with us. You can also get a combination of these types of meat in the dog food. You can also choose to buy food for your dog with a large proportion of vegetables which is good for the environment and your dog.