Stylish and functional high quality cat litter boxesCats are great pets and it is unavoidable that every home with a cat needs a litter box. The litter box provides a place for the cat to ... Read more

Stylish and functional high quality cat litter boxes

Cats are great pets and it is unavoidable that every home with a cat needs a litter box. The litter box provides a place for the cat to defecate, provides privacy and minimizes odors until litter can be removed.

The choice of the litter box is important for the well-being of the owner and the cat. The litter box or cat toilet, as it is also called, can meet the needs of the owner and the cat depending on its design.

On this page, you will find our range of cat toilets and litter that will help you easily and quickly identify what you and your cat need.

Budget-friendly litter boxes

Keeping a cat doesn’t have to be expensive. We have a lot of functional and affordable litter boxes allowing you to spend your money pampering your cat in other ways.

One available option is an ECO litter box from the Danish brand Akudim. This cat litter box is practical and functional. It is designed with edges that minimize wasted cat litter. It also is made from recycled plastic. A good closed litter box can be inexpensive. In this case, a lid covers the box to minimize wastage and contain the odor. Such boxes use carbon filters to minimize unpleasant odors.

If you need a large litter box that is affordable and looks good, we have the Trixie Berto litter box. This one is specifically designed for large cats to use. A lot of thought was put into the design to suit homes with both cats and dogs so that the dogs will not be able to access the cat litter box.

Litter boxes for Swedish minimalism

We know that many cat owners complain about the design of litter boxes, which can sometimes be unflattering. The litter box is often hidden in a dark corner of the bathroom, which is difficult to get to and often clashes with the decor. We also know that many cats need a large litter box they can use without feeling restricted and that can be difficult to find.

We have provided a selection of litter boxes that tackle these issues. Our large and versatile range makes it possible to find the best litter box for you that fits perfectly into your interior.

An example of this is the Sito Exclusive litter box from the MiaCara brand. It is made of hardened aluminum with a stylish finish that fits into any minimalist home. An exclusive seat cushion can also be purchased so that the litter box can be used as an extra seat in the hall or in the toilet. In this way, the litter box stays private and is functional - not only for the cat but also for the owner.

What accessories are needed for a litter box?

A litter box needs accessories. To practice good hygiene, a good shovel with help to scoop and collect dirty cat litter. A light hand broom is an excellent addition to clean up any mess around the litter box. A mat outside the box can also help collect any spillage.

Another cat accessory that is indispensable for cat owners is a good stain and odor remover that neutralizes odors and removes marks made by the cat. There are also deodorizers that can extend the life of your cat litter.

It is also worth considering “cat bags” as a useful cat accessory. They are bags that are placed in the litter box and filled with cat litter. When cat litter needs to be thrown away, simply close the bag and throw it away. In this way, you can replace cat litter hygienically and quickly.

What kind of cat litter should you choose?

Regardless of the type of litter box you choose, there is an incredible number of variations of cat litter, each with its own advantages. We have a large selection of cat litter on our site, which ensures that you find cat litter for your exact needs.

Cat litter can have many different properties and you must choose based on your own and your cat's needs. If your cat is sensitive to perfumes and scents, it is a good idea to choose unscented cat litter that contains activated carbon. If your cat likes to drag cat litter around the house, it may be beneficial to look at types of cat litter that is designed to keep cat litter from sticking to your cat's paws and creating dust. If you have often thought about cat litter's impact on the environment, you can also find biodegradable types of cat litter that can be thrown directly into the compost.

Litter boxes are the way to well-being

While you might prefer to be free from emptying and thinking about litter boxes, it's a topic that very few cat owners can get around. It is worth thinking about your cat's needs and your wishes regarding a litter box. Should you have a functional and affordable litter box, a large litter box, or the best litter box in the market with the best design?

Regardless of what you decide, the best litter box for you and your cat can be found at PetLux. We help you find the perfect litter box in our wide range of high-quality cat litter boxes, which you and your cat are sure to appreciate.