Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier – everything you need to know

Are you looking for a dog that has a high level of activity and is at the same time a calm family dog? Then an Airedale Terrier is a very good choice.

The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terrier breeds and has for many years been a very good family dog ​​in many homes. It can learn a lot of things and is generally very tolerant of children and other people, which makes it a good dog to have in the home. If you are also looking for a dog that can act as a watchdog during periods when you are not at home, this breed fits the bill.

Although the dog is the largest of the terriers, don't be intimidated its size. It is not a much bigger dog if you compare it to other family dogs.

Where did the Airedale Terrier come from?

The large terrier originally comes from England, namely from the valley of Aire. The breed itself comes from a cross between the old English broken-haired Terrier and the otter dog. The razor-sharp hunting instincts were used in the old days to hunt otters and water rats. Since Airedale Terriers have roots from the otter dog, they are fond of water and have no problems hunting in water bodies.

The dog has calm and nice qualities, and since it is easy to train, it was often used in wars as a sanitation dog. Today, the dog is also used as an assistance dog for the blind and disabled, and even as a police dog, as the dog is very obedient. If you are looking for a good hunting dog, this breed is certainly a good bet.

What is the size of an Airedale Terrier?

This breed is the largest of the terrier dogs and grows up to 60 cm tall. The males can weigh up to 30 kilos, while the females will typically be a little lighter. It is about the same size as a regular Labrador.

The little Airedale Terrier puppies are incredibly sweet and very happy to play and learn. It is important that you start the training of the puppies relatively early, so that the puppy is well-trained and makes a good family dog. You typically do this by being friendly, but consistent, and then it's really nice if you can change the training method, rewards and environment. The dog gets the most out of it.

Airedale Terrier - facts about needs and care

This terrier requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation to thrive. It is therefore good to have a lot of space where the dog can run around and use up a lot of energy. At the same time, this also means that you as an owner have to make time for long walks and lots of play. The dog is happy with human contact and greatly appreciates learning and training.

But that is precisely why an Airedale Terrier also becomes your faithful companion. You will have a family dog ​​that loves when you come home and delights in being in your presence. If you can also come up with tasks for the dog to solve, it will help to improve the relationship between dog and owner, while at the same time stimulating the dog.

This breed also needs a lot of fur care, as it has a rough coat with an undercoat. It is therefore important to brush the coat once or twice a week. In order to have complete control over the fur, the dog also needs trimming a few times a year. Then you get a beautiful and happy dog ​​that thrives in the home.

Know the important Airedale Terrier character traits

If you have pets other than dogs, or if you plan to have more animals at home, this terrier breed is a very good choice. It is typically happy and understanding towards other pets that it grows up with.

It is important that you train an Airedale Terrier daily, as it can otherwise seem a bit shy towards other people. But once you have trained the dog, it is comfortable and happy to meet other people.

Also be aware that the dog can sometimes tend to dig or chew a lot on different things. However, this typically applies to the terrier breed as a whole. In addition, this breed can also tend to easily gain excess weight, which you should always keep an eye on.

You should also be sure that the dog gets plenty of exercise, for example in the form of training. If you have a number of dog toys at the same time, the dog can also activate itself during the periods when you are not training. The dog is very independent, which means that you have to be quite determined in your training.

This breed of dog is first and foremost a really good family dog ​​that will both play and can be very protective of both its owner and small children..

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