Australian Shepherd

An Australian Shepherd is a fantastically beautiful and intelligent dog that had a role as a herding dog with some strong herding and guarding instincts. The Australian Shepherd is a great companion who is friendly, patient and intelligent and is also suitable as a family dog where children are part of the household. He is easy to train and reacts extremely positively to all learning, which makes it both fun and easy to have Australian Shepherd puppies.

Typically, a male dog will be 51-58 cm tall and bitches a little smaller with a height of 46-53 cm. An Australian Shepherd's weight is between 16-32 kilos, and here you typically get 10-12 good years with a fantastic dog.

Australian Shepherd as a family dog

If you are looking for a good family dog, don't be intimidated by the fact that this is an Australian Shepherd. The breed is particularly attentive to the members of the family, and due to the herding instinct, it will always make sure that the whole family is together.

As a family dog, it is patient with children and a true protector. On the other hand, it needs activity so that it can get rid of its energy, which can otherwise result in unfortunate behavior patterns. Here, dog training and activity toys can be a good way to keep the dog busy if the family is not at home, or providing extra stimulation during the day.

At the same time, an Australian Shepherd is a social and contact-seeking dog that loves to be close to the family. It quickly picks up the mood of the room, making it adaptable to both large and small families.

An easy dog to train

An Australian Shepherd is an absolutely perfect dog if you dream of an obedient and diligent dog breed that loves hours of training and challenges. The breed's high level of intelligence and diligence help to ensure that it learns incredibly easily, can easily perform difficult exercises and is used to performing a variety of tasks.

Through training, you can also effectively stimulate the breed, which has a relatively high level of activity. You can teach your dog tricks and help change its behavior so that it fits into the family.

Australian Shepherd and colors: a beautiful and unique coat

When it comes to colors and coat, the breed has an extremely beautiful expression with an ultra-soft coat. It can have many different expressions depending on the color of the fur and eyes, and typically they have a multi-colored coat with markings. The classic color shades are grey, black, white and red/caramel, and they can come with both brown and blue eyes.

The fur is fantastically soft, and moderate fur care is needed here, as is the case for the vast majority of dog breeds. It requires brushing once a week, and it can be good to invest in a good dog brush which effectively removes clumps of hair, loose and dead hair. An Australian Shepherd also sheds more during certain periods which are dependent on the season. The fur consists of an undercoat that tends to fall off in tufts when your dog sheds.

When you have to brush your dog, you must pay attention to the undercoat and at the same time also be a little extra careful around the ears, where the fine hairs require gentle care.

A healthy dog breed with few classic health challenges

When it comes to an Australian Shepherd we are generally dealing with a healthy and strong dog. However, they are exposed to some of the classic health problems that we find in a wide range of dog breeds. This concerns include hip dysplasia, hereditary eye diseases and elbow dysplasia. Fortunately, it is not a big and widespread problem among the breed.

In relation to eye diseases, it is typically cataracts that might develop over the years. Therefore, it is good to make sure that the dog's parents are free of these health problems.

To take the best possible care of your Australian Shepherd, it is a good idea to avoid hard climbs in the form of stairs, and at the same time you should wait with demanding physical activity until it has become fully grown.

Remember the right food for your Australian Shepherd puppy and adult dog

When you have to choose food for your Australian Shepherd, it is important to make the right choice - both in puppyhood and when it is fully grown. All dogs need good nutrition and when it comes to this breed, food with extra energy may be needed with a high level of activity.

Choose food based on its size and activity level, and you can advantageously choose high-energy feed for this breed. In addition, you must find some treats that make it easier for you to train your dog.

Here you get a fantastic family dog that is intelligent and patient. But you also have to be prepared for a dog that requires a lot of training to ensure the right behavior, and it needs continuous activation throughout its life.

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