Bernese Mountain Dog

Everything you need to know about the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a loyal, indulgent and good-natured dog that is perfect for families with children or people who need a companion for the comfort of the home or a good walk in the woods. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large tri-colored dog with a nice medium-length coat that can be smooth or curly.

Berner Sennen puppies are quite large because the dog breed is generally quite large.

In general, the dog breed is friendly towards strangers and acquaintances. The breed is considered a companion dog, and you can definitely feel the warmth in the sweet eyes that just want to play and relax in the company of others.

Where does the Bernese Mountain Dog originally come from?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the oldest dog breeds known to us today. There are stories that they accompanied the Romans in their forays into Europe. The dog breed has therefore followed people for a very long time, and they have helped various tribes in migrations in ancient times, which has given the dog breed an understanding and outgoing nature.

The dog we know today as the Bernese Mountain Dog originates from Switzerland, and until the middle of the 19th century they were mostly used on farms in Europe.

What are the needs and activity level of the Bernese Mountain Dog?

The dog benefits from getting out and experiencing nature. It loves to get outside where it can play and explore.

The dog is generally energetic and requires a lot of activity. It prefers walks to runs. An adult Bernese Mountain Dog adapts its activity level to the family.

It is a good idea to get some toys for the dog, so that you can keep the dog active and stimulated.

How big can a Bernese Mountain Dog get?

The dog breed is among the largest breeds. An adult Bernese Mountain Dog's weight will typically be between 40-44 kg. You can feel safe when you are in the company of a large dog that loves to eat a good meal.

Males will typically be 64-70 cm high, where bitches will typically be 58-66 cm high. It is important to consider whether you want a large or medium-sized dog, as large dogs naturally eat more and typically require more activity.

Such is the Bernese Mountain Dog

The dog is most often described as confident and friendly towards everyone. They are good with children because they show great patience and rarely let their temper run wild. Since they have worked in farms, they can be watchful, but it would be a shame to call them too alert. They are very relaxed by nature and have a calm demeanor when they are not playing.

It is a large dog that requires good care in terms of food and activity, as it requires a bit more than many other dogs, but this is rewarded by the loving loyalty and devotion that is typical of a Bernese Mountain Dog who loves to be with his family.

The characteristic warm reddish-brown mouth and throat is an indicator of how warm a heart the Bernese Mountain Dog has.

Fur and grooming

The dog breed is usually black with a sheen of white and a warm brown color down the neck. They have very thick fur, which requires grooming with a comb, brush and shampoo. It comes naturally to give the dog a bath when you have been out for a walk and it has got dirty paws.

The dog has a large coat to protect against wind and weather, and therefore it is important that you make sure to keep the coat straight. The dog breed can shed a lot, but this can be remedied when you regularly trim and care for the dog's fur.

Good advice on diet

Dogs require different food according to size, weight, age and sometimes breed. It is therefore important that you give your dog the right food. We have made it easy for you here at PetLux, because we ourselves love pets and know how important they are to the family.

You can choose one of the popular brands such as MUSH, Acana or Orijen, which have developed dog food for large adult dogs. They have taken care of all the technical aspects, so you can be sure that your dog gets a good, healthy and nutritious diet.

You don't have to be afraid that your Bernese Mountain Dog eats too little. On the contrary, they love a good meal and can become overweight if they don't get enough exercise and too much food, but this rarely happens because they are very active by nature.

We know that the dog can mean an incredible amount to the family, and that is why we have made it easy to find the right food for your dog. Take a look around our website and see if you can't find everything your dog needs!

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