Boxer – your new playmate

A boxer is a dog full of energy for both activity and family. It loves to be active and enjoys various activities. It can be both the perfect family dog ​​for the sports-loving family or the reliable service dog that obeys and is vigilant.

The Boxer dog therefore suits many types of dog owners and can adapt quickly as long as it gets exercise and a loving owner.

Origin and breed regulations for Boxer dogs

A boxer dog originally comes from the bullenbeisser breed, which comes from Germany. Initially, it was used in southern and central Europe to hunt deer and wild boar. The Boxer dog has a wide mouth with a protruding lower jaw and high-set nostrils, which in its time enabled the breed to breathe while holding on to its prey.

The Boxer dog is a mix between this breed and various foreign breeds. It is not only used as a hunting dog, but is also used as an active family dog ​​or a loyal service dog. Therefore, it places itself in FCI group 2, where schnauzers, and pinscher dogs are also placed.

The characteristics of the Boxer dog

A boxer dog is an agile dog. And if you want to know how much a boxer weighs, the answer is 25-30 kilos. It is therefore a large dog, and it also has a height of 53 to 63 centimetres, with the males being the largest.

A Boxer has a compact and muscular appearance and a square head. The square head has a large muzzle with a distinctive lower jaw and eyes. The dog's ears point forward towards the muzzle, giving it a puppyish appearance.

When it comes to the boxer dog's coat, it is dense and smooth. It does not have an undercoat like many other dogs, which means that a Boxer can easily freeze if it is not active. The fur requires minimal care, but it can be a good idea to wipe it daily with a wrung-out cloth or soft brush to remove loose hair and dirt. Tools for that can be found here.

The Boxer dog's fur comes in the colors yellow or tiger with a black mask on the face. In addition, it can have white markings, often on the chest.

Boxer – a dog that loves to play

The Boxer is a dog that needs physical activity, preferably at a fast pace, social interaction and tasks that challenge and stimulate it. But how much exercise should a boxer actually have? The breed needs daily exercise or physical exercise. Therefore, it is perfect as a working dog or as a member of an active family who can take it on a bike ride, brisk walk or to dog sports.

It loves to play and show off its agility. Therefore, you can advantageously invest in balls or various training tools that can be used for training and learning. The Boxer dog is intelligent, which is why you can easily train it. However, it requires you to be consistent and train it on a regular basis.

Needs and well-being

As previously mentioned, Boxer dogs have lots of energy. Therefore, it is obvious to give a boxer the opportunity for physical expression. Preferably in the company of its owner, as it is a social dog that needs interaction and time with the family. It does not like to be left alone for too long.

As an owner, you must have time to stimulate and exercise with your dog. If you can meet these needs, then you will get the best and most loyal companion that will follow you for at least 10-12 years and love your family, both adults, teenagers and small children.

In addition, it needs to learn at an early age that agility can be dampened. You can do this with moderate training exercises..

Remember to take care of your Boxer

The Boxer breed is generally a healthy and vigorous breed. However, problems with teeth, hips and heart can occur. Fortunately, you can easily see through the evaluation of breeding dogs which boxers have a tendency to these problems and which ones do not, as they are hereditary diseases. Be sure to check with the breeder before choosing your Boxer.

A boxer does not require very much care when it comes to the coat. On the other hand, it is important to keep an eye on the dog's oral hygiene. You can easily do this by using a toothbrush for dogs and products that ensure a healthy mouth. Finally, it is important to ensure that your boxer gets the right diet. It has a high energy consumption and is a large dog. Therefore, it needs a nutritious and satisfying diet. You can find food for large dogs such as boxers right here.

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