Tips to Care for your Short-Haired Dog

Bathing dog with shampoo

All dogs, even short-haired breeds, need regular grooming!

Although short-haired breeds do not require as much fur care as long-haired dogs, it is important to give them a healthy coat and skin. This will reduce dandruff and shedding. It will also keep its coat free of dirt and hygienic for its life indoors with you.

Gently brush its coat at least once a day. If your dog has extra soft fur, once or twice a week should be enough. This brushing will help spread the natural skin oils and give it a shiny, healthy looking coat.

Your short-haired dog needs a comb typically made of rubber because it needs to be gentle on its skin. This comb removes loose fur and dirt. It also massages your dog's skin. Get a small comb if your dog is small and a large one for a larger dog for efficient combing.

A regular soft brush is best for your short-haired dog. After combing, you can use this brush to remove the remaining loose hair, dirt and dead skin cells. During this process, you can check for any skin infections or parasites. Use a grooming glove to give the fur a nice finish.

Don't forget to brush the fur on your dog's tail and paws. A gentle comb will do it. You can cut overgrown hairs with dog grooming scissors. This will ensure that dirt does not get stuck in these hairs.

Your short-haired breed of dog rarely needs a bath unless it has rolled around in something nasty or has a medical problem. When bathing, use lukewarm water and dog shampoo and conditioner appropriate for its coat type. The Biogance brand offers the best products that are alcohol-free and made from natural ingredients.

When it comes to caring for your dog's nails and teeth, the fact that it is short-haired will not affect the tools and procedures to be used. It is standard for all dogs that you need to get nail clippers that match its size and the toughness of its claws.

Be very careful when trimming his nails, because if you cut too far into his nails, you will cause your dog to bleed and cause him pain. If you are not sure, you can contact your vet or professional dog groomer.

For its teeth, apart from providing dog chew toys you can get a good dog toothbrush and toothpaste. All of these products will help fight the build-up of tartar, plaque and promote healthy gums and fresh breath.

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