Delight Your Dog's Heart with Essential Foods

Quality food for your best friend

Your dog will be healthier with the right food

We at Petlux are very concerned about the quality of the dog food we provide to our customers. ESSENTIAL FOODS dog food and dog treats are exceptional. They offer "Meals for dogs" — not just dog food. The health of your dog is the priority at ESSENTIAL FOODS. ESSENTIAL FOODS has amassed a completely unique knowledge and experience in terms of what dog food should contain in order for it to get the most out of life. The goal is to make a difference and help the dog live a healthier and happier life through its eating habits.

The right ingredients promote good health

At Petlux, you can purchase meals from ESSENTIAL FOODS that are high in nutrition and contain only ingredients that benefit and strengthen your best friend's health. Nutrition is critical to the overall health of the dog.

Good dog food reflects the dog's natural eating habits

ESSENTIAL FOODS has developed its own principle, The BOF principle, to meet its own commitment that the dog must get the most out of the meal. BOF is an abbreviation for 'Behavioral Optimizing Foods,' which means that the dog's natural eating habits and diet are replicated. It helps to stabilize the dog's blood sugar and is thus an excellent choice for some of the best dog food on the market.

According to this theory, various elements in a dog's food may have an effect on their behavior, including how anxious, aggressive, or hyperactive they are. For instance, according to the BOF principle, feeding a dog a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates may assist to lessen anxiety and aggressive behavior.

According to the BOF principle, feeding a dog a diet rich in particular nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and particular amino acids, may assist to enhance their cognitive function, mood, and general behavior.

Petlux dog food and dog treats are delivered quickly or can be picked up at the stores.


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