English Bulldog

English Bulldog

English Bulldog, a charming creature

An English Bulldog is a happy dog ​​that brings joy to its owners with its charming appearance and friendly demeanor. Despite its great willfulness, it is a dog that loves company and is full of affection towards its family and owner.

An English bulldog is the perfect dog for anyone who wants a charming and loving companion dog that has the energy to handle its sometimes stubborn manner.

Origin and history of the breed

Bulldog dates back to the 17th century when bulldog breeds were bred in England to fight other animals as an attraction. The bulldog is originally a cross between a mastiff and a hunting terrier, which enabled it both to hold on to the bull without losing its breath and made it low-legged enough to avoid kicks from the big bulls.

When animal fighting became illegal in England, the English Bulldog breed went from being a fighting dog to being the English national breed. However, an English Bulldog is still a bundle of muscle and a medium-sized dog, placing itself in FCI Group 2 for Schnauzers, Pinschers and Mountain Dogs.

The easily recognizable English Bulldog

An English Bulldog is easy to recognize, it has a distinctive appearance with its short legs, muscular build, folding skin and flat face. Although an English bulldog is quite short-legged and only has a height of 35-40 centimeters, an English bulldog weighs a whopping 23-25 ​​kilos which is high for a rather short-legged creature.

But if you ask a breeder the question, how big does an English Bulldog get? Then it is not certain that you will get an answer. This is because the height of an English bulldog does not have a specified breed standard, so you can easily find that your English bulldog is lower or higher in height. Therefore, the same vague answer also applies to the question "how much does an English bulldog weigh", as the weight varies with the size.

An English Bulldog is known for its face that is flat with a short muzzle. Together with a stopper muzzle and a lot of skin folds, the English bulldog gets a very special appearance. The folds of skin are clearly visible due to its very short, smooth and close-fitting coat, which comes in the colors solid red in many shades, fawn, brindled with black or white markings. This coat is easy to care for.

English Bulldog, the dog-sized enjoyer of life

Despite its previous status as a fighting dog, an English bulldog is a very friendly and affectionate dog that is both affectionate and extremely happy. However, many tend to fear the muscular dog, as it has a notorious temper. However, this has been toned down over the years, and by consistently training your English Bulldog from puppyhood and showing who is in charge, you can now completely get around this and its stubbornness. There are a number of good tools for raising your English Bulldog from the puppy stage onwards, so that you get a loving, responsive and friendly English Bulldog.

However, it is true that an English bulldog is a sensitive dog, so even if the training must be consistent, it must also be loving. It does best with short training sessions that don't have too much speed, as it has difficulty maintaining concentration and is generally a life-enjoyer. So if you want a calm, loving, happy and slightly lazy dog, then this breed is just for you.

Your English Bulldog's needs

Bulldogs do not have many demands on their daily life, if it were up to them, they would probably prefer to lie down most of the day and decide for themselves when activities should take place. But even though it is lazy and it takes a little persuading it to come out the door for a walk, it benefits from two walks a day and a little activity in short bursts.

In addition to exercise and activity, an English Bulldog needs to be cared for. Although its short coat means it doesn't require much grooming, it's a good idea to brush it as needed. You can 100% get it to agree to a brushing if you invest in a brush that also massages.

Something that, unlike the fur, requires careful attention, the bulldog's skin folds. It is important to have wrinkles and folds cleaned so that dirt does not accumulate and moisture accumulates, which can cause inflammation or fungus. This must be done every day and can be done with different care products.

A healthy English Bulldog

Although an English Bulldog appears robust and steadfast, it has a number of health issues that can affect the lifespan of this breed.

An English Bulldog is born with a flat muzzle, which gives it its characteristic appearance. But some bulldogs have too narrow nostrils and soft tissue in the nose and throat. This means that they can have heavy breathing and problems with the airways. You must therefore, when choosing your English bulldog, be sure that the breeder has bred healthy and fit bulldogs without breathing problems.

In addition, bulldogs can have problems with too much heat and too much effort derived from the same problem with breathing. That is why it is important to provide shade and that it also gets rest. If you make sure of this, then the answer to the question of how old an English bulldog will be approximately 8 years.

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