English Cocker Spaniel

What you need to know about English Cocker Spaniel puppies and adults

Do you need a friend in the house who brings joy and energy? Then an English Cocker Spaniel puppy is an obvious choice for you. It is a good idea to get a puppy if you want to have a dog, because then the dog becomes part of the family early in life. An English Cocker Spaniel puppy is generally friendly to strangers and devoted to its family.

English Cocker Spaniel puppies require a lot of attention, as the dog breed does not like to be left alone for too long. The reward is a dog that is very devoted and protective of the family it becomes a part of. English cocker spaniel puppies are cute and small, and here you can read more about the dog breed.

Where is the English Cocker Spaniel from?

There is some doubt about the origin of the breed. Some believe that the English Cocker Spaniel comes from England, while others believe that it originates from Spain, Italy or France. There are three types of the breed, one clearly originating in the United States and the other two clearly originating in Europe.

What are the English Cocker Spaniel's needs and activity level?

The English Cocker Spaniel is originally a hunting dog and therefore has a high energy level when it comes to hunting and outdoor play. It is recommended to train the dog from puppyhood which is important if you want an obedient dog.

The English Cocker Spaniel puppy is easy to get along with and can easily fit into many families. Depending on which English Cocker Spaniel puppy you get, there may be differences in temperament and mentality, as the dog breed has been bred as a companion dog.

The dog breed is alert and has a hunting instinct, and this may mean that the dog needs play and stimulation once a day. A number of different dog toys can be of great help, so that your four-legged friend is stimulated in the right way for a long enough time at a time.

How big do English Cocker Spaniel puppies get when they grow up?

The dog breed is considered a medium-sized dog, where the male can grow up to between 39-41 cm. The bitch is usually between 38-39 cm. high. A fully grown English Cocker Spaniel usually weighs between 12-14 kg.

English Cocker Spaniel puppies are a very good choice for those of you who want a loyal dog for many years. The dog breed has a life expectancy of between 12-15 years.

A dog breed of many colors

When it comes to how the dog looks, there can be a big difference in the color of the coat. Many English Cocker Spaniels are black, while many others of the breed are brown. The many colors that an English Cocker Spaniel can have are due to the many different crossings that the dog breed has gone through. An English Cocker Spaniel puppy may have a slightly lighter coat in general, but with good care of the coat you can keep the coat soft and beautiful.

This is what an English Cocker Spaniel puppy and adult look like

One of the things that many owners of the cute dog breed hold dear is the constantly wagging tail. Even English Cocker Spaniel puppies can't keep their tails still, and that's because the dog breed is full of life energy and joy. They can be very determined when hunting and will typically be on the lookout for birds.

An English Cocker Spaniel needs a lot of activity. The dog breed likes to go outside in a place where there is no need for a leash, so it can roam and sniff freely in nature. However, an English Cocker Spaniel puppy will not have quite as great a need to be out and about as an adult. 

Fur and care of the dog

The dog breed has a high maintenance coat. This is especially true for the cute ears that have long locks that need to be trimmed and kept straight. In general, an English Cocker Spaniel enjoys being trimmed and groomed, so combing through the fur should be an easy and pleasant routine.

The fur is soft and silky. The coat rarely gets curled and knotted, but it is a good idea to get your English Cocker Spaniel puppy used to being trimmed and groomed. It is especially important to trim the hair around the ears, as they are already well covered.

Good dietary advice for the dog breed

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