Get the dog's coat ready for the summer weather

The summer weather is upon us. Have you had a look at the dog's fur and do you think it is too long for the warm temperatures? Now is the time to do something about it. Because a hot dog under the thick fur can cause problems. Read more about what you can do for the dog and the dog's fur, so that it is completely ready for summer.

Dog and heat can be a bad combination

A dog is usually naturally protected from wind and cold. The fur on the dog helps to keep the dog's body temperature stable, so that all organs function as they should. But the dog can have problems in the summer months, as it cannot shed a large part of the fur itself. Therefore, you will have to step in to help your dog as best you can.

Your dog will automatically start shedding so that it loses some of its fur before it gets warm outside. There are, of course, different dog breeds, and with some breeds you have to pay particular attention to whether the heat affects the dog due to a thick coat. A hot dog can become very ill from heatstroke, which we as dog owners naturally want to avoid.

It may therefore be necessary for you to find clippers and scissors so that you can trim the dog yourself. It is also an option to visit a dog groomer, so you can get the job done professionally. If you want to handle the haircut yourself, you should know that it is not always easy to cut a dog, and the result will most likely not be so pretty at first. But practice makes perfect, and your dog will appreciate it in the summer heat.

What can you do for your dog in the summer heat?

Removing some of the fur can make a big difference to a hot dog. But there is also much else you can do to make sure your dog doesn't get too hot. It is important that your dog always has access to fresh water, especially in summer. It helps to maintain the fluid balance, just like with us humans. In addition, water also cools a hot dog. This also applies when you go for a walk with the dog. It is always a good idea to have water with you on the walk.

It is also alpha and omega that the dog has access to shade. If the dog spends a lot of time in the sun, it can actually get sunburned. In addition, the sun's rays have a strong effect if you have a dog with black fur. It is therefore necessary for the dog to have a place where it can look away from the sun in order to cool down and take a break.

If you have a large tub that can be filled with water, it can also help to make a difference for a warm dog. It is a great way for the dog to cool down. You can also do this with a water bottle. If you take your dog on a trip in the summer, it is important that you never leave the dog in the car. Even with air conditioning, it gets very hot in the car.

This is why your dog sheds a lot in the summer

Your dog sheds all year round, so it is ready for the temperature differences between winter and summer. If you have a good temperature inside the house, the dog will naturally adapt to the heat and shed some of the fur. In the past, the dog used trees and branches to shed its fur when it got hot outside. Today, however, you can help the dog get its fur ready for the heat by using a dog brush or trimming the fur.

If you want to avoid a hot dog in the summer, it is a good idea to pay attention to the fur. It is not always that the dog can shed enough fur. This can cause problems when we get high temperatures. Trimming the coat also helps to stimulate blood circulation, which gives the dog a healthier and cleaner coat. It therefore not only helps to cool down a hot dog, but it is also healthier for the dog to trim the coat.

Be aware of heat stroke

The hot summer days can be the cause of heatstroke in a dog. It is a very unpleasant experience for everyone, both dogs and people. A heat stroke in a hot dog can be life-threatening in the worst case, so it's good to be on the front foot before summer announces its arrival.

Clear signs of heatstroke are when the dog clears its throat violently and has red mucous membranes. The dog will typically become more restless and may seem very confused. A dog suffering from heat stroke may have difficulty getting to its feet and end up unconscious. It is therefore important that you remember to cool your dog down.

Shower the hot dog with water that is not too cold. Typically between 15-20 degrees for a while. You can also wrap a cool towel around the dog. A hot dog with heatstroke can be very serious, and it may therefore be necessary to get hold of a vet.

Always pay attention to your dog and hot summer days, and then no problems should arise. Especially if you have already prepared the dog's fur for the heat.

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