How to avoid overheating your pet

Did you know that dogs do not have sweat glands like humans? As a result, in the summer heat, you must pay special attention to your dog. Because, how does your dog beat the heat?

In contrast to humans, who have sweat glands all over their bodies, dogs only have sweat glands on their paws. And they don't even work in the same way that humans do. As a result, dogs are much less efficient at regulating their body heat.

The sweat glands on the dog's paws function to keep the dog's paws from drying out while also secreting scents that the dog uses to mark territories.

On the other hand, when dogs grow hot, they clear their throats as a way of cooling themselves. In order to cool their body, the dog does this by drawing air over their tongue. As a result, you may notice that when it's hot, your dog breathes more frequently and almost violently.

Therefore, dogs are more likely to become dehydrated. So be sure to provide your dog with lots of water and shade opportunities. Additionally, provide cooling in the form of a pool, cooling pad, water feature, or cooling vest.

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