New dog food from MUSH

Finnish MUSH, known for their high quality and natural barf dog food, is now launching Hellä, a new variant of their complete food that has been in the works for a long time to ensure a product of the highest quality. Hellä is a Finnish word that means gentle, and because the products are made from only one protein source, either chicken or beef, they are ideal for sensitive dogs. 

It doesn't get more gentle and clean

The feed is entirely boneless and contains fermented vegetables, beneficial lactic acid bacteria that are healthy for the gut, and a combination of fish and olive oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids that support a variety of bodily functions, including those of the heart, brain, and eyes. Additionally, the products feature a well balanced vitamin and mineral mixture prepared from specially chosen and blended plants and herbs, and the calcium is obtained from eggshells, which is a novel source of calcium. Additionally, certain MUSH products don't contain any grain.

The two Hellä variants 

The two new varieties are designed to be extra gentle and absorbent. They are ideal for dogs recovering from illness, older dogs with loose teeth, dogs with protein sensitivity, and dogs who, for whatever reason, cannot break down bone fragments. 

Both Hellä variants can be mixed into the dog's regular dry food as a combination feeding, or the dog can only get the Hellä feed on its own if it begins feeding on raw food. 

MUSH Hellä Chicken

Hellä Chicken is low in fat and extra gentle on the dog, making it ideal for sensitive dogs, dogs recovering from illness, or overweight dogs looking to lose weight. Because the product only contains one protein source, in this case chicken, it is ideal for dogs who can only tolerate chicken.

MUSH Hellä Ox

Hellä Ox has a higher protein content and is the variant to choose if you have a more active dog. These can include hunting dogs, agility dogs, and other types of competition dogs. Although the product is appropriate for more active dogs, either as raw complete food alone or in combination with dry food, it is still gentle because it contains only one protein source.

Why choose MUSH products?

MUSH products provide complete and supplementary food for dogs made from whole animals, vegetables and fruit, and high-quality oils, vitamins, and minerals. All ingredients are 100% natural and fresh. The animals are slaughtered and the products are packed on the same day. The animals used in production come from farms with plenty of space, fresh air, and good living conditions. Dogs eat what they think smells good, and because MUSH products are so clean with natural, healthy, and fresh ingredients, the smell is absolutely fantastic for your animal. The products contain no fillers, additives, preservatives, or artificial color or fragrance. 

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